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I created this Free PDF to get you started on understanding your Human Design Chart. You will learn about your type, strategy, and authority. The three most important aspects of Human Design. Ready to go in deeper? Book a personalized 1:1 Human Design Reading!

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What Is Human Design?

It's the permission slip you have been waiting for to be yourself.

In a more specific term, it is the unique energetic blueprint that you were born with.

Human Design's beauty allows you to see in a "tangible" way how you are truly meant to experience life and make decisions.

We are not created to all live, act, or perceive the world the same way, and Human Design allows you to honor not only your individuality but also the uniqueness of others.

Allowing you to let go of the pressure of what no longer is serving you in life, relationships, career, and even how you "should" be raising your children.

In fact, when you know your child's Human Design Type, Strategy, and Authority, you begin to see the precious one-of-a-kind gift they are to not only you but to the world.

Your Path To Soulfully Connecting With Yourself And Your Children Starts Here...

Are you doing everything right, and what all of the "experts" say you should be doing? But yet, nothing is changing in the way you feel about yourself, your anxiety, overwhelm, and motherhood are all taking a toll. 

And above all of that, you are trying to be the best mom, parent, and partner you can be?

What if I told you that there's an easier way to tap into what you need as a human, opposed to what your children and partner need?

I believe that when we begin to truly get to know ourselves on a deeper level and begin making the connections of what our body, mind, and soul truly needs, we begin to uncover our magical potential to our own humanity and those around us.

Can you imagine being able to understand exactly what your child needs of you or what they need from themselves? So, that you can gently and consciously guide them? 

To me, that's what parenting is all about. Being able to not only mother our inner child but also to be the conscious parent our children need us, no want us to be.

Human Design Monthly Support + Voxer

This is the perfect support package if you want to start learning and integrating your Human Design into your life, relationships, business, and family to create more ease and flow.


  • 90-Minute Human Design Reading
  • Session Is Held Live Via Zoom
  • Audio Recording Of Your Session
  • Tailored to you PDF Self-Exploration Guide with Journal Prompts and Affirmations
  • 30 Days Of 24/7 Voxer Access To Me With Any Questions Or Guidance Needed At The Moment (Voxer is a messaging/texting/voice message system)
  • One Extra 30 Minute Session Via Zoom At The End Of Your Month To Answer Any Lingering Questions You May Have
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Foundational 90-Minute Human Design Reading

The Foundational Reading is perfect for anyone who is new to Human Design or has never had a reading before. We will explore the basic foundations of your Human Design Blueprint. Including Type, Strategy, Authority, and Profile. Plus, anything you have specific questions on.


  • 90-Minute Human Design Reading
  • Session Is Held Live Via Zoom
  • Audio Recording Of Your Session
  • Tailored To You PDF Self-Exploration Guide with Journal Prompts And Affirmations
  • Time To Get Your Questions Answered
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Self-Exploration Blueprint PDF Guide

The Self-Exploration Blueprint is perfect if you want to dig into your Human Design information on your own. This digital guide will help you navigate your Human Design Bodygraph and the most important aspects of understanding your unique energy type.


  • Basic Understanding Of Human Design
  • A Break Down Of The Four Key Elements Of Your BodyGraph - Type, Strategy, Authority, Profiles
  • A Description Of Your Centers with Your Gifts and Potential Shadows That Could Arise
  • Journal Prompts And Affirmations Specifically To You
  • Answers To Specific Questions You May Have
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Intuitive Support 60-Minute Check-In

The Intuitive Support Call is for past clients who have had a Human Design Reading with me. This allows me to guide you and offer support in any parts of your Human Design that you may need extra guidance on.

Topic We Can Cover:

  • How To Begin Deconditioning So That You Can Live More Aligned To Your Human Design
  • How To Use Your Design To Support You As A Parent
  • Using Your Human Design To Do Inner Child And Reparenting Work
  • Conversations On How To Implement Your Human Design Into Relationships, Career, Or Life
  • Self-Worth And Personal Value Guidance
  • Self-Care And Taking Care Of Yourself Guidance
  • Using Your Strategy And Authority To Make Decisions
  • Mental Anxiety And Feeling Stuck
  • Listening To Your Body VS Your Mind
  • Discussing The Difference Of Your Intuition VS Your Emotions Or Thoughts
  • So Much More!
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Holistic Health Guidance Through Your Human Design Primary Health System

As a bio-individual, you are meant to eat in a specific way to nourish your body at its full capacity. By looking at your PHS in Human Design and bringing in the knowledge of my Health Coaching, we can develop a plan on what is the best way to nourish your or your child's digestive system to tune into how your body is meant to be nourished and nurtured.


  • 60 Minutes Live Zoom Session
  • Basic Understanding Of Human Design
  • Review Type, Strategy, Authority, and Profile
  • Comprehensive Break Down Of Your Digestive Primary Health System (Determination/Cognition)
  • Ways In Which You Can Listen To Your Body's Needs And How To Regulate Your Nervous System, Immune System, And Health.
  • How To Correctly Nourish Yours Or Your Child's Body and Brain To Achieve Higher Cognitive Levels
  • Audio Recording Of Your Session
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Here's What Others Have To Say:

Dr. Vaugn - Generator

Victoria is a FANTASTIC coach! She really makes Human Design understandable for those of us who don’t know anything about the system. She is intuitive and compassionate and helped me understand some core things that I can work on that will help me live a more joyful and fulfilling life. I can’t wait for my next coaching call. 5 stars aren’t enough for this woman and her passion to help YOU know more about yourself and your purpose! 

Debbie - Projector

Thank you Victoria for such an amazing session. A dive deeper into who I am at a such an amazing level. I felt like it was an X-Ray of my entire make up that showed me what to expect, what to accept and what can be altered within me to help me experience a more fulfulling and comrehensive life ahead.

The manner in which you share your gift is beautiful because Human Design appears so overwhelming but you take the time to explain it in the simple terms I needed. You meet the client at their level of knowledge.

Sierra - Projector

Had had amazing human design family reading with Victoria and I'm blown away by the magick that she shared. So much that I can see and to help raise my babies even better and aligned with their full potential. One of the biggest goals as a mother is to not leave my kids with things they need to decondition from their childhood and this reading helped awaken my eyes to so much!

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